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Dino Kelulut Honey And Bird’s Nest – A Miracle Mix

Together, Kelulut Stingless Bee Honey and bird’s nest make a powerful combination. From the small micro-
nutrients to the active ingredients that make both of them superfoods. It’s essentially a
perfect cocktail of health benefits. Introducing Dino Madu Kelulut Stingless Bee Trigona Honey Bird’s Nest.
Side by side, Kelulut Trigona Honey and Bird’s nest are rich in nutrition, help with memory, and
increase physical stamina. They offer powerful probiotics and contain prebiotics which
heal the gut and aid in digestion. This power-combo has been shown to reduce the risk
of heart disease, regulate blood sugar, and even help maintain clearer and tighter skin.
Dino Kelulut honey with bird’s nest can be eaten by anyone at any age. And it has lots
of wonderful benefits for kids and adults alike.
Unlike store-bought honey, our Kelulut honey comes completely raw from our own sustainable farm. And to strengthen the
already wide range of health benefits, we’ve added a wonderful mixed fruit extract.
Allowing you to enjoy the delicious flavors of acai berry, pomegranate, dates, and sour
plums alongside their superb nutritional value.
So, whether you’re looking to revitalize your skin, or strengthen your immune system –
Dino Kelulut honey with bird’s nest and mixed fruit extract is simply one of the best
natural dietary supplements.


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Dino Madu Kelulut Stingless Bee Trigona Honey Bird’s Nest
Since ancient times, honey has been an important natural superfood. It’s always been
well known for the amazing wealth of nutritional benefits that it provides, alongside its
immense therapeutic value.
And let’s face it – most people take the simple route and buy honey from the grocery
But, most of these people don’t know that they’re actually missing out on all the benefits
associated with it. This store-bought honey is often very heavily processed. Brands
often throw in cheap sugars, antibiotics, preservatives, and a whole slew of unhealthy
pollutants. This alone can definitely deter some people from making honey a part of
their regular diet.
So, does that mean you should forget about honey altogether?
Meet Kelulut honey! It’s a pure, high-grade raw honey made by stingless bees harvested fresh from my farm. It
actually offers tons of amazing nutritional and medicinal benefits over regular honey.
With no factory processing involved – you can expect to get all the amazing things that
nature’s put into it from the get-go.
Now, it’s definitely plenty awesome as it is. But, you can amplify its amazing benefits
even further by adding a few other select superfoods into the mix. And that’s exactly
what we do best here at Dino Kelulut!

What Is Dino Kelulut Honey And Why Is It So Amazing?

To really get a feel for why it’s so darn awesome – it’s important to learn about what
Dino Kelulut honey actually is.
Our Kelulut is a raw matured honey, meaning it isn’t diluted or processed like cheap off-
the-shelf honey would be. It’s made primarily by the Trigona stingless bees found
throughout Malaysia. These bees sport slender bodies, which are far narrower than
their European cousins. Which lets them get deeper inside of tropical plants and fruits to
reach the amazingly nutrient-rich pollen they produce.
And it’s this exact mixture of rare tropical pollens that gives Dino Kelulut honey its
particularly delicious unique taste.
But that’s not all! The propolis that these bees produce come packed to
the brim with nutrients and powerful antioxidants. This provides for the amazing health
benefits associated with Kelulut honey. For example, it contains roughly ten times the
antioxidants compared to regular honey!
Now that you’ve got a feel for what Dino Kelulut honey is and where it comes from – let’s
talk about the benefits of its main components.
Using small bucket-like structures on their legs, the bees carry resins and pollen back to
their hives. Upon returning, they combine the resins and pollen to make propolis.
Propolis serves bees to protect the hive by acting as a mortar of sorts. It allows the bees
to seal any small cracks, crevices, or open spaces throughout the hive. But, aside from
propolis’ ability to help fortify the hive, its medicinal benefits also help nurture the bees.
And this is why humans have used it for its curative properties across thousands of
In fact, the ancient Jews of the Old Testament heralded propolis as a medicine called “Tzori”;
The Egyptians of the time used propolis during embalming. And even Queen Cleopatra used
it to care for her own skin.
Propolis has several active micro-nutrients, including polyphenols, flavonoids, and
antioxidants. Each of these creates for some amazing antifungal, anti-microbial, and
anti-inflammatory effects. Overtop of this, propolis is also incredibly rich in vitamins and
Bird’s Nest
Sourced from the “edible nest” – swiftlet, edible bird’s nests are an Asian delicacy. It’s
known to be yet another beneficial superfood full of active ingredients that boost the
immune system and revitalize one’s skin.
Instead of making nests out of twigs and straw like other birds, swiftlets produce thick,
gummy saliva that hardens when it’s exposed to air. Because of the sticky substance,
swiftlets are able to attach their nests to the hard surfaces of caves and crevices.
Edible bird’s nest is chock full of amazing things! To start off, it contains glycoproteins,
sialic acids, and EGF.
Glycoproteins are responsible for aiding in digestive health and giving an overall boost
to the immune system. Sialic acids help with improving memory and “maintaining” the
immune system’s smooth operation. On the other hand, EGF also referred to as
Epidermal Growth Factor” helps keep your skin clear and tight, while giving a nice
boost to digestive health as well. And over top of all this – the other nutrients found in
bird’s nest offer a perfect nutritional balance to children’s diets and promote healthy growth.
Mixed Fruit Extract
Our new Dino Kelulut honey features a wonderful mixed fruit extract. This blend of
extracts contains acai berry, pomegranate, dates, and sour plum. And while each one of
these is incredibly tasty, did you know that they also offer lots of health benefits too?
Acai berry has a flavor like that of an over-ripened blackberry or raspberry. It’s sweet
and has some earthy element undertones. These small fruits are nutrient and calorie-
dense, making them another one of the world’s superfoods. Recent studies have shown
they’re a significant source of Vitamin A and Calcium, as well as micro-minerals,
including copper, manganese, zinc, magnesium, and phosphorous. And they’re also a
great source of antioxidants! Pomegranate fruits are often sought after for their
antioxidant effects. And they’re chock full of vitamins including vitamin C, vitamin K, and
even potassium. Pomegranates are said to help fight cancer, boost the immune system,
thin your blood, and increase the amount of available oxygen in your body.
Dates are known for their sweet and sugary flavor. But the natural sugars in dates are
actually far healthier than the processed sugars you’d find in most of today’s food. They
are rich in magnesium, help lower blood pressure, are full of antioxidants, and can be a
natural source of choline, which is great for the brain.
Sour plums are a combination of salty and sour due to their high citric acid content.
These bitter fruits have a wealth of anti-diabetic effects. They lower blood pressure and
can drastically reduce cholesterol. All while being an amazing source of vitamin C and
dietary fiber.
Together each of these distinct flavors creates a perfect mixture in combination with
Dino’s Kelulut honey and bird’s nest. Which offers an amazingly delicious flavor, while
providing for some incredible health benefits.

Specification: Dino Madu Kelulut Stingless Bee Trigona Honey Bird’s Nest with Mixed Fruit Extract – Dinokelulut

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Dino Madu Kelulut Stingless Bee Trigona Honey Bird’s Nest with Mixed Fruit Extract – Dinokelulut
Dino Madu Kelulut Stingless Bee Trigona Honey Bird’s Nest with Mixed Fruit Extract – Dinokelulut


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