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Dukkankita is new e-commerce platform in Malaysia that started on 2021. At Dukkankita, all of us can buy and sell into this platform. In short, Dukkankita is the best e-commerce platform in Malaysia because it’s offers a great deals for buyers, sellers and consumers. A new, trendy and high quality products in each category like….(all categories list) is available here. Dukkankita always want give a trusted online shopping experience to the users which is a secure payment methods are given. We also give the best shipping companies for users to choose with affordable shipping price and good services too. 

We are offering the high quality product with the all categories in this site. Recently, we give a variety choices of product in food & drinks category. The best choice will come to you immediately with 10% cashback and free shipping offers. All of choices just in your hand! No need to go out, just stay at home. We will deliver the item. In fact, online shopping can be easy with Dukkankita.

Now Dukkankita is trying to expand this e-commerce platform consistently in a better way. We target into a world wide online marketplace in a future indeed be a number one online omg hyperlink shopping in Malaysia soon. So, lets shopping with Dukkankita. Any inquiries kindly contact us anytime that you want. We will get you within 24 hours.


Good Business

DukkanKita builds its own business.

Shopping as you are at mall

You can buy anything on DukkanKita.

Family Use

Anyone in the family can use DukkanKita and order, It’s easy to order parcels for any member in family.

Dukkan Kita
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